Monday, March 22, 2010

Tiki Tattoos Site of the week! This one is rediculous! How can you die from Vampires, Multi-Level Marketing or Numerology? Apparently it's possible, Check it out!

If you would like to suggest a site of the week, let us know!

Monday, Wooohoooo!

What the hey??? It was beautiful all week now rain! Oh well :( By special request, the piercing of the week is NIPPLES! Yay! $20 a piece! Come bring some sunshine into the shop!

Monday, March 8, 2010


So, we always assumed that everyone within a 50 mile radius knew how awesome we are! Well apparently not everyone does! So, if you bring in a friend who has never been to Tiki before to get pierced, you BOTH get a free piece of fancy jewelry! I have a huge box of assorted fun stuff to choose from! Bring your friends, get free stuff! Yeah!

Monday, Spring Is Coming!

It's gorgeous outside, Too bad I feel like warmed over death. Monday Update! Piercing of the week is Navels!!! $20 and you have belly bling! We are also looking for a new tattoo artist. If you know anyone, tell them to call the shop at 860-445-8454. We are taking applications all month!


Ok everyone, I am really sorry but I am really sick today and won't be at the shop. I will do all the weekly updates, and we have a new giveaway, then I am going to go die in my bed. I apologize if any of you were planning on seeing me today, I will have to help you out on Wednesday. :(

Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Updates!

Monday again, the weeks just seem to be flying by! The piercing of the week is nipples! $20 a piece! We are going to do a few more contests this week and we have new pics to post!

Site of the week! I just ran into this site why surfing the web. I LOVE it! If you need a good laugh check out I love the Star Trek ones, hehe.

Oh No!

Soooo, our power is out because one of our lines went down! Ahhhhh! We are having it fixed and will re-open on Wednesday. Sorry guys! I am still doing updates though!