Monday, August 31, 2009

Now for something completely different.......

Monday! I saw some leaves changing on the trees this morning on my way to work. Can that be true? Has summer just left? I swear it never even made it here in the first place. Well, on to business! This weeks piercing special is tongues! For only $20 you too can get your tongue pierced! Whooo Hoooo!

On another note: The Venue News, a local music rag, did an article on the shop. We just read it and have to make a public statement. IT WAS TERRIBLE! Countless typos and incorrect facts. Misspelling of names and things we didn't even say. The worst part is it comes across as we wrote the thing ourselves. If you happen to read this article, please disregard it. You can even feel free to email them and tell them it sucked. We are very disappointed with the outcome. Humph.

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