Friday, June 4, 2010

Tiki Tattoo Voodoo Crew!

Have you ever wanted to work for a tattoo shop?
Here is your chance! Become a member of our Voodoo Crew! Members will
receive exclusive discounts and invites to private events. Fill out the
form and get your sweet Crew Member Card! We will have BBQ's and flier parties! Tons of fun! First event coming soon so go! Now!

1 comment:

Sunshine said...

Hello. I clicked on the 'Tiki Tattoo Voodoo Crew' link at the end of the post, but it just brings up that the 'page does not exist'. I am trying to 'become a member', but I'm not sure how. I am including my name/email, if you could please let me know how to access the information.