Saturday, August 2, 2008

Over 80 Million Ears Pierced Worldwide!

That's what my Arch Nemisis CLAIRE'S likes to advertise. How I see it is, that is over 80 million ears put through the blunt force trauma of an ear piercing gun wielded by some 17 year old girl trying to make some cash on summer break. Face it people, ear piercing guns are NOT SAFE! They can damage the delicate tissue, the jewelry is not meant for initial piercing and then the aftercare they give you, *oh the horror* is just asking to give you an infection. If you have never seen their so-called professional ear piercing aftercare video, please don't. It really is the exact opposite of what any real body piercer worth their salt will tell you. Don't get me wrong, it is not just them. Some "professional" piercers actually use guns in their studios to pierce not just ears, but other body parts as well! Check out the example below:


This poor girl came to me for some help. You see her Tragus was pierced at a "professional" studio with a gun. You can't tell, but the gems on her earrings are BLUE! I had to dig those crappy pieces of jewelry out of her ears and replace them with high quality cbr's. She finally healed, but learned a valuable lesson. It may be cheap, but will cost you a ton in the long run! If you really want a piercing, go see a reputable piercer. A great place to start is The Association of Professional Piercers They have a ton of great information and links to qualified piercers in your area.


Kara said...

This is very true - and i cannot believe that places like Claire's still gets away with it.

In total i had 8 holes put in my ears with a gun -- all of them leaving me with nothing but small infections that eventually healed into cute little keloids.

Last month i got a lobe, helix, and tragus piercing - by way of a needle, and by way of a professional ---- and things are GREAT.
i regret wasting so much in going to THE MALL for piercings.

Anonymous said...

i had my tragus pierced with a gun but three days later i replaced the piercing earring with a sterilized captive hoop. it has been about a month now and i have no soreness, no crust around the earring, and no pus and or blood. i guess i got lucky