Monday, August 4, 2008

You can DIE!

According to many articles by so-called health "professionals", if you get your tongue pierced, you will most certainly die. Bah! What I am seeing is a trend of hell bent conservative fascists who think that body piercing is the Devil. Seriously, DIE? Come on! There has been no facts proving that a tongue piercing is dangerous if done properly. These are my favorite:

A study from the University of Rochester School of Medicine in New York presented results on 4,500 adolescents aged 12 to 21 and found that teens with body piercings are more likely to smoke cigarettes, use drugs and exhibit other types of unhealthy behavior.
TWEENS & TEENS News January 2006

Ok, so I think I am going to go get my tongue pierced than wreak havoc on Society! Really, I am sure the cause of their behavior is not due to the fact they have a barbell in their tongue!

Here are the fatal dangers of tongue piercing:

* The barbell of the jewelry can become loose and can go down in a wrong way i.e. it can wind up in your lungs. Now you can imagine clearly the consequences, if it really happens with you.
* Your mouth is full of bacteria and it contains major blood vessels which can spread deadly infection to the brain which can easily kill you.
* Chances are there that you can get a serious infection like Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, if the artist by chance uses unsterilized equipment.
* In extreme cases it may cause blood poisoning which ultimately leads to death.
* It may cause oral cancers.
* Your tongue can swell so large blocking your airways, and ultimately leading to death.
* It can cause speech impediments.
* Deep cyst formation
* Severe damaging of veins and nerves
* Neuromas i.e. overgrowth of nerve tissue
* Endocarditis, it’s a disease caused when bacteria enters the bloodstream and damages the heart valves.

Here are some dangerous consequences of tongue piercing:

* In one case, a 25-year-old woman who was admitted to hospital after her tongue swelled up. She was found to be suffering from a rare condition called Ludwig’s Angina which did not respond to antibiotics. This news came in the British Dental Journal.
* In one case, a teenage boy in England died of blood poisoning after getting his lip pierced. This news was published in the London’s Telegraph in November 2005.
* In another case, a young girl died from Brain Abscess following a tongue piercing. This condition is rare, but it can happen to you too.

Think hundred times before you go for a tongue piercing!

YgoY News December 17, 2007

Now for the second part. Yes, you can swallow the jewelry, I have a dozen times, but I have yet to hear of anyone dying from it. Now as for all the bacteria that easily kill you. If that was the case, you could die from biting your tongue! As for Hep C and HIV, there have been 2 confirmed cases of Hep C TOTAL in the country and not a single case of HIV! Blood poisoning and cancer, for Christ's sake! The lists goes on and on. As for the "Dangerous Consequences" There are no facts showing that the cause of the conditions presented are related in any way to the tongue piercing. Information like this is rampant on the internet and in the media! There have been cases of tooth damage and gum recession. This is mostly from Piercers with lack of experience or the Client not following proper aftercare. There is always risks associated with body piercing. As long as you have a Piercer who knows what they are doing and follow the instructions, you will be fine.

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Samantha said...

A tongue swelling so much that it blocks your airway & kills you? We could only hope! Ha! Honestly, I just don't know where people come up with this shit, but it's important that you keep track & inform people of the facts. Also, you suck. :)